Robin Christian, Owner



What are the benefits of having a Senior Move Specialist?

A Senior on the Move takes care of all the details that you don't want to. We are experts in
resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress and can manage your move so that
the transition is as smooth as possible.

The Senior on the Move team, has extensive knowledge about costs, quality and the availability
of local resources. We only work with insured third parties in which we have the utmost confidence.

We have offices in the South Denver Area as well as in East Vail.

We are members of the National Association of Move Managers (NASMM) and the National
Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
. Robin is also a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®

A Senior on the Move, LLC carries liability insurance, is bonded and we provide workers comp to all of our employees. National background checks are performed on all employees as well.


About A Senior on the Move

A Senior on the Move was born through Robin's love of being around
people, wanting to help others and wanting to make a difference in the
lives of seniors and their families.

Robin runs her business like a well oiled machine. Her team handles
every move efficiently and professionally, paying the utmost attention
to details. We are dedicated to make your move experience as stress
free as possible, maybe even fun.

Meet the Team!


Robin is the owner of A Senior on the Move. Robin is the first person you will talk to and the last. She is project manager for every move. We pride ourselves in being a small "boutique" company to give you personal, undivided attention, yet first class service at a reasonable price.

Robin has a B.A. in Art and Communications and worked as a marketing specialist/graphic designer for 25 years prior to being a move specialist. Being a people person, she wanted a job where she could be around people, use her project management skills and knowledge of resources to help older adults move.

She is a proud mom of three children who are "mostly grown" and a proud step-mom of three more children. Robin loves to spend time with her family, loves to ski and bike in the mountains.

Wendy has been with ASOTM since the very beginning and is also known as the Fragility Queen. She can pack the fragilest of all fragiles. She is also a pro at organizing closets and drawers, curio cabinets, etc - give her an hour and BAM...amazing! AND she can fix anything!

Wendy has worked in hospitality, she has been a pastry chef, car salesman, and basically is not to be messed with. If you are helping her make a bed, you better know what hospital corners are!

She is a mom of six adult children, a cat named Bob and has bunches of grand children and grand great danes. She spends her free time with her family and loves organizing and restoring old photos.


Mary has also been with ASOTM since the very beginning and is the interior designer, space planner, wall art hanging specialist. She can turn a room into a picture from a magazine in minutes! Not kidding!

Mary has a B.S. in Environmental Design from CU Boulder and is a native of Denver. She probably knows someone in your family or one of your friends if you grew up here too. Mary and her husband have owned an architectural firm since 1981. She also is fluent in French.

She is a mom of two adult children and loves the arts, movies, outdoors and hanging out with
her family.


Kathy is the calm cucumber of the group. You will find her quietly working in the kitchen. She will read your mind as to where everything should go in your new kitchen. Kathy is the do it all girl, and is very detail oriented.

Kathy has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and has worked in catering, event planning, and teaching. She plays bridge, and lots of other card games, is involved with neighborhood activities and church. Kathy is a mom of two adult children and a black lab named Maggie. She loves to hike, and spends lots of time with her family and friends.


Val is the newest member of our team. We did three moves for her parents and each time she asked if she could work with us. Finally and thankfully, she is now a member of our team! Val is the jump in and get things done girl AND she has moved 20 times in her life.

Val has a B.S. in Computer Science and at one time worked for Steve Jobs at Apple. She loves to run and walk her dog, Zach. Val has 5 grandchildren and loves to go to the beach with her hubby.



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