Like many things, downsizing is much easier when you have a plan. We'll help you make one. First, we'll figure out what you need to do to get ready. Then, you decide where you can use our help. We'll do as much or as little as you'd like.


Here is a sample Move Plan. Even if you don't have a moving date yet, it's not too early to start planning. Breaking your tasks into small, manageable pieces will help you make progress and keep you from becoming overwhelmed.


Look it over now and check off all the places you could use our help.




8 -12 weeks before the move

Create a master move calendar with all important dates

Interview real estate agents

Select moving day

Interview and schedule movers

Hire handymen to get house prepped for sale


Take pictures of the house the way it is

Make a list of everything you want to bring with you

Design space plan for the new house to see that it will all fit

Order new furniture, if applicable, and arrange for delivery to new home

Decide what items will be stored, consigned, sold, donated

Make arrangements for distribution of those items

Maintain donation records

Organize/hold estate sale


Get boxes and packing materials

Start packing up the house

Keep a list of packed items/box contents

Keep adult children in loop via email


4 weeks before the move

Begin composing a list of people/companies to notify with change of address

Notify magazines now

Arrange for change in insurance coverage, if necessary

Start using up frozen foods and cleaning supplies

Arrange final clean-up/hauling


Begin getting your new home move-in ready

Make sure paint colors, floors, cabinetry, counters are as you like them

Bring in contractors to make necessary changes

Choose and order window treatments


2 weeks before the move

Change your address on

Order new checks from your bank

Notify utility companies (water, garbage, telephone, cable, etc.)

Arrange for new service to begin your move in day

If you live in an apartment/condo, reserve the elevator for moving day

Contact charities for final donation pick up

Have family/friends pick up their items well in advance of the movers


1 week before the move

Have new home deep cleaned

Clean out refrigerator and freezer

Put jewelry/small valuable items/important papers together

Walk through to make sure all repairs have been made

Think about what you will want in a personal suitcase - not packed

Arrange for extra trash pick up


Moving Day

Take your personal items (jewelry/papers) with you

Move cars to make room for van

Oversee movers at old house

Have new floor plan available

Meet movers at new house - show them where things go


Moving In

Unpack boxes

Connect TV, phone, internet

Arrange kitchen, bath, closets

Hang pictures


Settle In/Designing Your New Home

Make necessary safety modifications

Review room arrangements

Organize closets, office, bookshelves

Add accessories, finishing touch

Robin in the process of helping a client get ready to move

The AMAZING Senior on the Move Team!


Mary & Michele

Robin & Mary



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Develop a floor plan

Developing a floor plan of your new home will help you make decisions on what to keep and take with you, as well as what you can get rid of.

your personal floor plan of your new home

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Organize, sort and downsize

We're downsizing experts, and we know just how daunting moving can be. Especially for seniors! So our first job is to make it manageable. We'll design a transition plan to keep things organized and moving at a comfortable pace. We'll help you to decide what you keep. And we'll make sure that things you want to hand-down, sell, donate or toss get where they need to go.



Cupboards – organize, decide what to keep, what to get rid of.

Need help deciding what to keep and what you can safely shred?

Trying to figure out what to do with photos? We can help you with simple solutions.

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Provide professional packing, oversee movers

Packing isn't hard when you know what you're doing. And we're pros. We'll provide professional packing services. We'll make a detailed inventory of all your belongings, so you know exactly where everything is. And we'll make sure the things you use most get packed last. We choose the right moving company for you and oversee the move.

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We will work closely with you to guide you through very step of the way including managing all third party professional resources.

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